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Caring for your Eyelash Extensions

Appointment Preparation

  • Arrive with clean lashes and ideally, no makeup. 

  • Do not drink caffeine before your appointment (makes your eyes jittery).

  • Use restroom before laying down to minimize bathroom breaks.

  • Dress in comfortable clothes.

  • The studio can be cold, you are more than welcome to bring a blanket or use our complimentary heating blanket!

  • Place your electronics on silent.

In the first 48 Hours

Please avoid the following:

  • Getting them wet unless otherwise advised by your lash technician 

  • Avoid saunas, facials, steam, etc

  • Wearing eye makeup 

If there are any issues with your lashes within the first 48 hours, you may contact the studio for a complimentary fix. After 48 hours, Shades of Beauty Studio is no longer responsible for any issues with your lash extensions. 

General Aftercare

  • Wash your lashes DAILY. Even if you are not a makeup wearer, you MUST wash your lashes at least once a day to maintain clean lash and eye health and help retention. Your lash tech is aware if you are not washing your lashes as build up is visible along the lash line. If you are continuously told to wash and refuse to do so, you will no longer be able to book lash appointments with Shades of Beauty Studio due to failure to follow aftercare instructions.

  • Wash after wearing makeup, swimming in the pool and/or ocean.

  • Do NOT put mascara on lashes, curl your extensions, or place false strip lashes on extensions.

  • Brush your lashes daily with your lash spoolie.

  • Avoid oil based products.

  • Do not pick, pull, or rub at lash extensions.

  • Try to avoid sleeping directly on face.

  • Avoid excessive heat, open flame, and/or direct eyelash contact to ovens and stoves. Your lashes will singe and you will be required to book a new set.

  • Book fills regularly to maintain your set and prevent extreme growth or breakage.

  • Only get removed by professional.

Washing your lashes is IMPORTANT!

The buildup of old makeup, skin cells, dirt, etc will build up along your lash line making it almost impossible to thoroughly clean. Consistently not washing your lashes will lead to your natural lashes suffocating underneath the build up causing premature fall out and the new growth to be weak, frail, or possibly not even grow back.

If this continues to happen, they will have to be removed and you will have to take a break for your lash health and to prevent any infection.

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