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Anastasia has always enjoyed working with people and finds the most joy in making a positive impact on others. After obtaining her degree in Psychology, Anastasia found her purpose in the beauty industry. Officially starting her journey in the summer of 2021, Anastasia obtained her certification in Professional Lash Extensions and continued her education in receiving her certification in Ombre/Powder Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup at Huemon Beauty. Shades of Beauty Studio was officially opened in August of 2021. Anastasia prides herself not only as a business owner. But also for being able to impact her local community by providing services that makes people feel good about themselves.

Anastasia is dedicated to helping her clients enhance their natural beauty by providing specialized services to best fit her clients desired outcome. It is important that Shades of Beauty Studio speaks to and represents clients of all ethnic shades, cultures, personalities, genders, and forms of expression. We are all unique in our own ways, therefore we all have different styles of enhancing our beauty.


Shades of Beauty Studio strives to be a space of self care, cleanliness, and relaxation with each service personalized to the individual client and their needs at the highest level of professional care, treatment, and customer service.

Anastasia has been continuing her education in a yearlong esthetician apprenticeship with Sha Taylor at Shaestheticsss in Frederick, Maryland. Once she has completed and passed her state boards to become a licensed esthetician (summer of 2023), Shades of Beauty Studio will also offer several facial and waxing services. Anastasia hopes to specialize in individually customized skin treatment services and at-home-care plans to help with signs of agin, scarring, acne and sensitive skin.

In Anastasia's free time, she loves to spend time with her husband and son, friends and family, go shopping, enjoy the outdoors (especially the beach), and indulge in her own self-care!

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